Random Post From the BART

Just a quick thought: sometimes when I read different blogs in the Bloggernacle and Outer Blogness I enjoy knowing about the individuals who write what I'm reading. These posts don't just appear on the Internet fully formed from chaos, but are written by real people living real lives.

The posts I've been writing recently on the LDS New Testament Scripture Mastery have been written riding the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transport, better known as the BART, on my way to and from work. It's a little odd to be sitting here in the midst of a crowd of people writing about biblical scholarship and Mormonism. It's usually dark this time of year, so during the times when the Bart is above ground, I usually take a moment to look at the lights of Oakland as they pass by outside, or admire the fog of the morning that smothers everything west of the hills. It's a relaxing way to spend what would otherwise be a boring ride. We're moving soon, hopefully somewhere closer to my job in San Francisco. (If you know of any place to rent in Berkeley or in western San Francisco let me know!)

It's always amazing to me how many different people I spend nearly two hours with every day. So many people, each with their own lives, their own stories. And all of us just rolling along, all of us rocking slightly as the train hits little bumps and jolts, all of us on our way to wherever it is we're off to.

Anyways, these are the thoughts I often think of as I'm writing entries for my blog (including this one).