About Me

My name is Tom. When I started school and discovered things like bulletin boards and forums (wow, I'm getting old now!) I couldn't think of any cool username, so I decided to capitalize on that. Thus I am NoCoolName Tom. You can find me in many places on the web, including the fediverse:

I'm always far too wordy. I'm something of a Polonius in that regard: “brevity is the soul of wit”. I've tried to tone it down in the past, but I'd rather say too much than too little.

This blog is pretty much anything I want to say that takes some time to say it. I've mostly focused in the past on Mormonism, Ancient Greek, Early Christianities, Academic Biblical Studies, and especially the intersections between them all.

That said, in my day-to-day life I am a programmer for Zillow and much of my professional life revolves around PHP (yes, I know, I'm working on getting rid of it), Javascript/Typescript, and Nix/NixOS. So I'm sure I could easily talk about that, as well.

My current interest is the so-called “Fediverse” comprised of the many disparate social media technologies that have arisen in the past few years with the simultaneous goals of replacing existing corporate social media tech while becoming increasingly inter-connected.