Digitizing the Lost Mormon Cinema, Part 2

There isn't as much to say with this update, but regular updates are better than no news.

The film is now in the queue to be scanned by a professional company and the resulting files will be mailed back to me on a USB hard drive within a week or two. At that point I will have a final bill for the process and can update how the funds have been spent. I will also send in some of the other films at that point.

I have also decided to spend my own funds to hire an analyst at the US Copyright Office of the Library of Congress to determine for certain if the film currently being digitized, “Windows of Heaven,” has indeed let its copyright protections slip by not renewing those protections renewed before they expired in 1991. This was not part of the original project and requests for assistance, so it seems right that I should cover the costs myself. I am highly certain that the film has indeed entered the public domain, but by following this process I will be able to back up that assertion with good faith through this attempt.

I'll have more information soon, I hope.

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